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The ORIGINAL and ONLY Folsom-Sacramento Gourd Club
About our Club
"Z" Gourd Miners is the name of our gourd club, "Z" standing for our being the gourd club at ZITTEL FARMS.

Our Club's purpose is to foster and spread the knowledge and love of gourds in a caring environment. Members meet to take a break from busy schedules each month to spend time working on gourds and sharing ideas with friends. Members bring their in-progress gourd art projects, supplies as well as completed gourd art to share. Members also learn new things through sharing of information, special classes and events.

Members also have the exciting opportunity to help and participate in various aspectes of the Zittel Farms West Coast Gourd Festival which is held annually on the last weekend in September. The gourd pictured on the right was the grand prize for the September 2000 gourd festival. It was 20 inches in diameter and was embellished by members adding their own artist interpretation of the gourd's theme "Gourd Festival 2000."

Unless on a field trip or special outing, we regularly meet at Zittel Farms in Folsom, CA.

"Z" Gourd Miners Meeting Schedule
Meeting dates are the second Saturday of each month at Zittel Farms from 10AM to 2PM except for June and December when we meet on Sunday at a special time and place. We have an information and sharing session from 11:30 to 12:30. After, we lunch and work on gourds together. Lunch is BYO or you can buy it at several places across the street. On days when special fee classes are offered, members not opting to take such classes meet as usual as the classes are always optional.

How to Become a Member
If you are already a gourder, please join us by bringing your gourd project and supplies and enjoy four hours of uninterrupted gourding fun with us. Dues are $12 per year, renewable October each year, with unused dues of new members prorated at that time.

If you are new to gourding and do not know the basics, please contact MaryLou Leger and Colleen Murphy, Membership Coordinators, at Willowmom01@msn.com for information on how to get started since our meetings are not geared for someone who has never worked with gourds.

Membership benefits include an informative newsletter, free or reduced fees for club-sponsored events, opportunity to take special classes, inclusion in "club-only" events, and other "goodies" as are presented from time to time!


Visit Zittel Farms Web Site and check out our club page. You will see where we meet and where we get our wonderful gourds!
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